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More Like, The Worst Promotion Ever

June 22, 2015


My latest award for Worst Promotion Ever goes to Hyundai Canada for their "Our Best Event Ever" promotion recently released in June 2015.  


I am a Hyundai owner, so I received a promotional communications this June in both email and mail inviting me to "attend our special loyalty event".  The gist of it is that Hyundai has created some kind of loyalty program, I think.  I say "I think" because I can't tell what the heck Hyundai is tryig to tell me with this promo... but I digress... ahem... "we are inviting you to attend our special loyalty event starting June 18, 2015 through to June 30, 2015.", Hyundai continues,  "Along with the invitation that has been delivered to your mailbox, we would like to provide you with the link to your own personal loyalty page where you can register for the event.  Don’t forget to print your personalized loyalty voucher today to take advantage of its maximum value! Please do not wait! This voucher decreases in value until the last day of the event."


That's it..  No mention of what the event is about, what's going on at the event, what's in it for me, why I should attend.  But wait, if Hyundai hasn't already lost my interest with their unknown event, they keep on trying to loose it by asking me to "register for the event" and "print my personalized loyalty voucher".  Sure, Hyundai, I will take two more steps out of my already busy day to register for an event that I know nothing about and then also print up a voucher that has no value as I don't know what the voucher is for or what it is worth.  The whole thing is shrouded in mystery... a really bad Castle type mystery  where you don't give a shit about what's going to happen (for those of you not familiar with TV's worst mystery show Castle, it's essentially a recycled version of that 70's TV dreck Heart to Heart).


Let the bashing begin !  I will state my points in the form of questions to both pay homage to Jeprody and on the slim chance that someone from Hyundai may respond with some insights I have missed.  So Hyundai, if I'm reading the email, why do I need to be reminded that I may be receiving the exact same message by mail? Are you telling me not to worry about responding because I will get something by mail anyway and why act now when I can be lazy and wait for the mailer? I've opened the email Hyundai marketing geniuses, check one for you, so why distract me to tell me there is also an mail piece coming ? And why is this event shrouded in such mystery ?  Why can't you just tell me what I'm going to get ?  Is it so increadible that you think I can't handle the truth ?  Or perhaps you're trying to trick me into signing up for some vapor-wear you sly dog?  And how about that three-step process ?  Is making it more complicated for me to respond some type of reverse psychology that will build the mystery even further 'till I can't wait any longer and just have to buy a car from you?  


Oh, and I almnost forgot about your oh-so-tempting push for me to also "Lock In Your Loyalty Dollars". Man, if you didn't already have me reeling with excitement, asking me to lock in something with absolutely no value... I've definitely got to jump at the chance now.  How about a dollar figure Hyundai like "lock in your $500 loyalty bonus now"?  Or since you have the mystery bug, how about "lock in your loyalty dollars now, it could be worth up to $1,000 off the price of your next car"?


Someone is definitely asleep at the wheel over there at Hyundai.  I would blame the Canada CMO, if I thought they had one, but more likely the head of U.S. Marketing as I'm sure Hyundai America rammed this promo down some poor schmuck's throat at Hyundai Canada.  If you want to use mystery as a marketing tactic, take a cue from the new Jurrasic World movie Hyundaii - where you're not sure exactly how, but you know for sure a giant dino is going to tear someone to shreds.   Create a mystery someone cares about.  Tell me at least a little bit of what the pay-off is for me.  Personally, I think you should just come right out and tell me, but if you're going to be coy, then at least give me some better hints about why I should care..  


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More Like, The Worst Promotion Ever

June 22, 2015

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